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Zürich was consecutively awarded “city with the world’s best quality of life” 7 times on Mercer research. As in last year’s ranking, Zürich is the second most liveable city in the world, just behind Vienna. With its culture, nature and urban style living, it’s a small paradise in the middle of Europe.

Zürich has 400’000 inhabitants and is the largest city in Switzerland. The town by the River Limmat forms the center of Switzerland’s most populous canton (1.5 million inhabitants in 2019) and the heart of an even larger, densely populated metropolitan area, with over two million residents. 

In the canton of Zürich, you’ll find people from various countries. Nearly one quarter of the population is foreign-born. In Zürich itself, you might notice that this percentage is even higher in the city: about 1/3 of all Zürich residents do not have the Swiss nationality.  Therefore, Zürich is an easy choice to make for expatriates who seek a life of peace, economic stability, technology, political neutrality, and simply want to be a part of something big and beautiful in central Europe. At Atlas Movers we want to help you with your relocation to Zürich, we offer the best relocation service.

Pros and Cons:

Even though the quality of life is evident, living in Zürich can have cons to go with its many pros.


+ Switzerland has a high standard of living, and most properties have impeccable amenities. 

-The rental market is competitive as the vacancy rate throughout the country is very low, therefore very challenging to find a suitable accommodation and then be the “chosen” tenant by the landlord.

Cost of living

+High salaries for managers . With an average salary of CHF6,538 ($6,750) per month it is no wonder that Switzerland is considered one of the most attractive places to work. Average salaries across many professions are higher than what you find in other countries.

-According to Mercer’s latest study, Zürich is also the fifth most expensive city around the globe. The Economist Intelligence Unit rated Zürich as the fourth priciest destination. Nonetheless, moving to Zürich seems to remain attractive enough, as proven by a glance at the city’s and region’s population figures.

Lifestyle and Culture

+Luxury shopping destination, cosmopolitan cuisine, great choice of cultural events

-Shops are closed on Sundays, with exceptions in main railway stations and airport. Zürich is an international hub for the arts and sciences where tradition meets the latest trends in forward thinking.

Healthcare System

+ The healthcare system in Switzerland has a global reputation for being outstanding. It combines public, subsidized private, and totally private healthcare systems to create an extensive network of highly qualified doctors and Swiss hospitals, the best equipped medical facilities, and no waiting lists

 -There are no free state-provided health services, but private health insurance is compulsory for all persons residing in Switzerland (within three months of taking up residence or being born in the country).

Public Transport

+ Swiss public Transport is the most comprehensive system  in the world with an outstanding infrastructure and trains are clean, reliable and frequent. It incorporates trains, buses, boats, lake steamers, funiculars and cable cars and makes traveling easy

– Expensive


+ Most people speak English well in Zürich. Swiss workers in French- and German-speaking Switzerland are roughly twice as likely to speak English as another national language, but the situation is much more balanced in the Italian-speaking region. Non-Swiss nationals working in Switzerland are even more likely to use English at their workplace.

– Some important documents are only available in the national languages, German, French, Italian and Romansh


So, are you planning relocating to Zürich or just arrived? Are you coming alone, with partner, with family?

Atlas International Movers offers full services to help you relocating stress free. Relocation Services like, immigration, orientation tour, home search, school search, administration support, departure or any other tailored made service is done by our high experienced team of consultants. We offer exclusive relocation services for special people like you.

Your own relocation coordinator

Atlas International Movers guides your move from door to door. If you have any questions during the relocation process, please contact your personal relocation coordinator. This person can answer all your questions about the move and the country. This way you can prepare for your life in Zürich without any problems. This is all part of the Atlas Movers relocation service.

If you want help with your relocation to Zürich, please feel free to contact us or view our website! If you would like storage for your household effects before, during or after your relocation to Zürich, this is also possible. Click here for more information about inventory storage at Atlas. If you want to know more about Atlas International Movers, read more about our moving company here!

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