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Moving to Dubai

"Next to the full International Moving service Atlas is also able to assist you with our full set of relocation services like home search, preview trips, school search and immigration services, all done by our own team of relocations consultants. Please reach out to get further information on our services’"

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Moving to Dubai

Are you interested in moving to Dubai? Atlas Movers International will help you with more than just the packaging of your belongings! Dubai is located in the United Arab Emirates and is like no other city in the world. Everything is big, new and the city is full of life. Although, Dubai has a culture that is very different from the western culture. Make sure you have everything arranged and be set to go. Atlas Movers has the means to make it happen.

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Hi Nicole, I’ll like to thank you and especially your crewleader who made a great job. We have been really happy about your service (...)


Great Feedback to the Atlas team on the ground both in London and in Switzerland; very efficient, friendly and professional.

Pria Doogan

''Everything went super smoothly - the crew was EXCELLENT. It could not have gone better Very best  Pria Doogan''

Family Berry

''Just wanted to let you know that we were really happy with the crew yesterday. They were very professional and the communication and packing (...)

Ana Morales Franco

I am writing to thank you and the entire Atlas International Movers team for having done an excellent job with our move from The (...)

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The pros and cons of moving to Dubai

Pros of moving to Dubai

Warm climate – If you love warm weather Dubai is your place to be. During 8 months of the year the climate is perfect. Hot days, cloudless blue skies are common. Cool down at the end of a long workday in the beautiful warm seaters along the coast.

Great social life – One of the advantages of living in Dubai is a great social life. Expats usually join a private beach club or hotel where they can enjoy spending time off work. There are many sport clubs, schools and colleges are excellent and the dining out is exceptional.

No income tax – Another benefit is the fact that there is no income tax. Meaning your salary will be as it is, and you are able to send it home.

Internationally accessible – Dubai is basically in the centre of the world. Its major international airport has connections to virtually every place in the world.

Crime rates are low – There are strict rules that apply in the U.A.E. and punishment is severe to control the crime rate.



Intense heath – In the summer months the city is incredibly hot. From June to September there is uncomfortable heath.

You need a permit to work – in order to enjoy life in Dubai you will need permits. For expats a working permit is necessary, but also a license to drive and a permit to purchase alcoholic beverages.

Rent is expensive – depending on the city you currently live in and the prices you are used to pay the rent for one-bedroom apartment in Dubai can be about 1350 euros.

Premarital Cohabitation – Dubai is quite tolerant compared to other Islamic states. Still, it is illegal for unmarried couples to live together. Thus it can be difficult for a unmarried couple to move to Dubai.

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How can we help you?

When you already have the intention of moving to the United Arab Emirates, we can help you with arrange everything so you can move smoothly from door to door. We will assign you with one of our relocation experts to go over everything. Our consultant will also estimate the volume of your belongings. Based on his or her finding we will make a tailor-made proposal either by Sea freight or Airfreight pending the total volume and your requirements.

If you would like to know more about moving your belongings to Dubai have a look at our international relocation page for moving to the United Arab Emirates.

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