Moving from Australia

"Next to the full International Moving service Atlas is also able to assist you with our full set of relocation services like home search, preview trips, school search and immigration services, all done by our own team of relocations consultants. Please reach out to get further information on our services’"

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Moving from Australia

Are you moving from Australia back to Switzerland or elsewhere? And are you searching for a reliable moving partner that is able to make moving stress-free? At Atlas International Movers we can help! We are here to make relocation simpler. Our services will help you to not only move your possessions, but to move your entire life. Our team of experts arranges everything from packing, shipping, storage to finding a home for the short- or long term.

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Hi Nicole, I’ll like to thank you and especially your crewleader who made a great job. We have been really happy about your service (...)


Great Feedback to the Atlas team on the ground both in London and in Switzerland; very efficient, friendly and professional.

Pria Doogan

''Everything went super smoothly - the crew was EXCELLENT. It could not have gone better Very best  Pria Doogan''

Family Berry

''Just wanted to let you know that we were really happy with the crew yesterday. They were very professional and the communication and packing (...)

Ana Morales Franco

I am writing to thank you and the entire Atlas International Movers team for having done an excellent job with our move from The (...)

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Moving from Australia | Atlas International Movers is here to help

When you are moving from one to another country there are many things to arrange. Depending on the country you are moving to, a visa needs to be requested and paperwork has to be done before you go. Furthermore, packing household goods in an efficient and safe way needs to be done. By ensuring thorough preparations and by engaging reliable movers of Atlas International Movers, we will ensure that you will have no surprises when moving from Australia to another country.  We will discuss your requirements beforehand and guide and advise you to make your transition as smoothly as possible.

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Atlas International Movers is here to help you relocate. With decades of experience in moving, we offer more than just the packing of your belongings. Our team of relocating experts can help you move from Australia and help you get your ‘normal life’ back as quickly as possible after the move. From the start until the finish, we will assign you with one of our moving managers that will offer their expertise and guidance at any stage of your relocation. For more information regarding our services please contact us!

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