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“Next to the full International Moving service Atlas is also able to assist you with our full set of relocation services like home search, preview trips, school search and immigration services, all done by our own team of relocations consultants. Please reach out to get further information on our services”

Atlas Movers

Corporate movers


Are you searching for corporate movers to assist you in relocating your business and expat population to a foreign country or back to Switzerland? At Atlas Internationals Movers we can manage your corporate relocation effortlessly! With decades of experience, we have managed to take care of over 23000 international relocations and all of them different! With our knowledge of complex moves, group relocations, immigration service and mobility services we are well suited to assist you!

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Valerio PeriValerio Peri
23:45 01 Oct 22
Moving from Switzerland to the US (west coast). After looking into various companies, we opted for Atlas. It offered a competitive price for air freight (2 weeks) compared to the sea freight (3 months) of the competitors. We moved 4cbm, including several glassware. We got our belongings in the two weeks estimated and everything was intact, not a single broken item. The team has always been supportive, answering always in a timely matter. The packing and un-packing were fast and efficient. We could not be happier with the service we received.
Elaine SteedmanElaine Steedman
19:35 16 May 22
Turned up on time, and worked in a very professional way. Great friendly team and also fun. Made a stressful day a lot easierThe 4 stars is because this was just the pick up, but I feel sure it will become 5 star when they deliver our stuff.
Moving abroad

Corporate relocation | Atlas Movers arranges everything!


Moving your company to another area is quite the challenge. In order to make sure everything is arranged swiftly Atlas Movers arranges the relocation of employees. Our corporate movers can take care household goods and personal effects, so the move their new home will be stress free. Next to the ability to assist you with our corporate moving service, we also offer a wide range of mobility services varying from standard home search, departure service to immigration service. We ensure that your organization can benefit from our knowledge and our worldwide network.

Below you can find a checklist to see what needs to be done in advance of a relocation.

Destination Services

We will assist, every step of the way


Global mobility leads to the movement of people around the globe. Organisations move and new jobs arise in certain areas. If your organisation has a large number of employees that need to be relocated to a new area, we offer sessions in which we inform your employees how to prepare and which steps to go through to make the process as easy as possible. As a result of our experience, we can advise your organisations on certain matters regarding cost savings without sacrificing quality and efficiency.

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Please fill in the form below to find out more about our corporate relocation services. Our experts are happy to help you find out what is necessary, and assist you every step of the way. It doesn’t matter where in the world you want to go, we manage your relocation in accordance with the requested requirements and in full compliance with all regulations.