Living in Luzern

Living in Luzern

Are you thinking about living in Luzern? Luzern is a small, beautiful city in the German-part of the country. It is the largest city of Central Switzerland and its economic, social, and cultural hub. German is the official language, but English is widely spoken. The city is relatively small, and it is easy to get around, and the public transportation options are great. The city is surrounded by lakes and mountains and is a popular tourist destination.

Some facts about living in Luzern

The city has grown steadily over the last 60 years. Although it had a total population of just over 80,000 people in 2013, it is still one of the most heavily populated areas in Central Switzerland. As with much of Switzerland, a large proportion of the population is bi-, or tri-lingual. The official language in the area is the Swiss dialect of German. The abundance of tourists and business travelers means that many of those working in public services or retail have extremely high standards of spoken English, and often also French.

There is a large expat population living in the city. They’re coming from a whole range of different countries and make up around 25% of the total population. Although the largest groups of expats are predominantly moved to Luzern from neighboring European countries, there are also notable Asian and African communities.

Taxation and Costs in Luzern

In 2012, Luzern made further cuts to its business tax rates, giving it the lowest rates of corporate tax in the entire country. It is thus considered an extremely business-friendly area and has attracted a wide range of international businesses to operate their Swiss office from the city. 

There are also extremely reasonable rates of personal income tax. It’s the 4th best in Switzerland, with just 2% difference between Luzern and the areas offering the lowest rates according to BAKBasel Economics taxation index in 2012. 

The vast majority of those working in Luzern are part of the secondary or tertiary sector, with around 7000 businesses registered in the city. The local government is keen to encourage business growth and attract new businesses, so business rates and commercial real estate costs are typically kept at a reasonable rate. 

As with much of Switzerland, the cost of living in Luzern is high. Although wages are also strong, the price of consumer goods, food and fuel is much higher than in many other parts of Europe, even in comparison to neighboring France and Germany. Thus, expatriates moving to the city are often those transferring into highly paid roles with international companies.

How to get to Luzern

Luzern is easily accessible by train, plane, or road. Zurich airport is just a 50-minute car journey from Luzern, and it is also well connected by frequent trains. Note that border control is in operation if you are traveling into Switzerland by road or rail from another European destination.

Education in Luzern

Switzerland has a reputation for its excellent public school system. Starting at the age of four it is mandatory for children to attend kindergarten in Switzerland. Primary school starts at age six. The curriculum in public schools includes languages, science, mathematics, art, music, and sport.

Schools often close for the lunch period and children go home to eat. Some schools do offer lunch with supervision for the students. Children attend the school closest to their home. It is generally not possible to visit schools before moving, but all schools meet the same high standards.

Attending the public school helps children to learn the local language and make new friends close to home.

Integration in Luzern

In Zug integration classes are available for non-German speaking children at most schools. Once the child has sufficient knowledge of German, they can join all classes. Children are expected to go alone to school… Nevertheless, expatriates living in the city with families very often choose an international school for their children due to the language. The nearby International School of Zug and Luzern or International School of Central Switzerland have students of over 50 nationalities and has from Kindergarten until High School. As with many international schools, pupils have a choice of academic programs including the International Baccalaureate (IB) or the American Advanced Placement (AP) Program. International School of Central Switzerland

Atlas International Relocation Consultants have all the knowledge to assist expats to choose the best option for their children.

Transportation in Luzern

Public transport is extremely efficient and well-run throughout Switzerland, and Luzern is no exception. The bus network runs extremely regularly throughout the city. There are frequent buses to neighboring villages and residential hamlets, too. It offers frequent connections to the other major cities and allow access to Zurich airport in just over one hour on a direct train.

The road network into and around Luzern is good and does not suffer from excessive congestion. Only in the busiest summer months, when the area is extremely popular with tourists.

Culture and Events in Luzern

The city is arguably one of the most picturesque anywhere in Switzerland, given its proximity both to the Swiss Lakes, and Mount Pilatus and Rigi in the Alps. There are several cultural establishments including theaters and music halls in the city, as well as alternative cultural venues.

Every year, towards the end of winter, Carnival breaks out in the streets, alleyways, and squares of the old town. This is a glittering outdoor party, where chaos and merriness reign and nothing is as it normally is. The city hosts various renowned festivals throughout the year. Like the Luzern Festival  the Blue Balls Festival or the Luzern Blues Festival. Being the cultural center of a rather rural region, Luzern also holds different folklore festivals, such as Luzern Cheese Festival and  Swiss Wrestling and Alpine festival. So living in Luzern will will be a fun experience

Living in Luzern

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