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How much are the costs of moving overseas?

Moving overseas is an interesting experience that will change your life. Before getting to your new life, you need to start packing up the items of your old life. You could do this yourself, but in case of a large scale move overseas it can be helpful to use a professional moving company that knows how to get your belongings from A to B. One of the most asked questions when it comes down to moving internationally is: how much are the costs of moving overseas?’ Let us answer this question based upon certain factors.


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What are the average costs of shipping belongings overseas?

One of the questions that might pop-up into your head before moving overseas is: ‘how much will it cost to move overseas?’ In order to answer these questions correctly it is good to keep a few things in mind. The costs of an international move obviously depend on a certain number of factors, where the destination and size of your move are the most significant.

Destination – Firstly, it depends on where you are planning to go. Moving from Switzerland to one of its neighbouring countries is much easier than moving to a country at the other side of the world, such as Australia or New Zealand.

Move size – Apart from the destination it also matters how much stuff you would like to move to your new home. Will you bring only personal belongings, or are you bringing furniture and other home items with you? We cannot exactly tell you what the costs are without the detailed information of your move.

Visa and other legal fees – Every country has its own requirements for moving. When you are moving away as an expat, usually the department in your company will be able to arrange things for you. If you are moving due to a change in your life it is good to consider that Visas can be quite expensive, and these fees naturally increase as you add spouses, children, or other family members. It can be between €500 – €2500 euros.

Storage, boxes, and packaging materials – Depending on the number of items you will bring you to your new home. Firm boxes that can withstand moving are more expensive than regular boxes. Moreover, you need to think of the costs for extra items like bubble wrap and packaging tape. Would you like to storage some of your old belongings in the country of origin? This can also add up on costs each month.

Moving Overseas Shipping Costs – the costs of shipping your belongings will be the highest share of moving internationally. Depending on the size of the container the price will be more or less. The shipping route will also be considered with the price. If the container ship must stop at a seaport of an expensive country, the cost will increase. Also routes where there is chilly weather of icebergs, could influence the price for shipping. Did you know that if your shipment requires less than a full container, you may be able to reduce your moving costs by using a shared container as your items will be sharing the container space with other customers’ shipments.

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Self-packing my belongings to avoid extra costs

If you are up for the challenge, it is an idea to package your own belongings. This time consuming and labour-intensive task will save you up to 10% of the moving costs. However, when you have fragile items such as high-end art or larger items this might be a bit harder to get to your new home. Is this worth the time, effort, and money?

How much does it cost to ship furniture overseas?

If you would like to know the costs of moving your furniture, it depends on the form of transportation. Usually, furniture will be shipped by containers or transported in a truck. However, when you would like to receive your furniture quicker air freight, I will be the best option. unfortunately, this brings the cost up quite a bit. When moving heavy furniture, it is good to take into account that you may also need to pay for professional packing, assembly, disassembly, loading and unloading services.

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Moving company Switzerland - Atlas Movers is the right partner for you!

As an international company based in Zurich, we can deliver your belongings anywhere. International moving can get costly since there are a lot of arrangements that need to be done. Thanks to our experienced staff and our worldwide network of trusted partners, we have the capability to manage your relocation in accordance with your personal requirements and in full compliance with all regulations, to and from any location worldwide. Moving overseas is not a service you want to price shop. Therefore, we advise you to think carefully about your partner for moving abroad, since only 5% of the moving companies are licensed to manage ocean freight services.

International moving costs

International Moving costs can become quite high depending on the location and scale of the move. Moving abroad can exists out of many stages from packaging your belongings, arranging transportation, picking up goods and delivering them to your new home. Atlas International Movers move your personal belongings from door-to-door. This way we take responsibility for the move of your goods from shipping, handling customs clearance, and delivering your shipment to your new address. The only way to learn the exact cost of your international move is to request a quotation. One of our relocation managers will be happy to help you out and discuss all your wishes.

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